Wedding Renewal Invitations


Wedding Renewal Invitations It is very important to do this step and not mail your invitations with the check. When the post office gets thousands of invitations a day to mail out, you can’t expect them to put stamps on all of those envelops for you. Don’t worry, they will mail the stamps back to you very quickly. While waiting for your stamps to arrive, take this time to address and stuff your invitations. Don’t forget to address and send an invitation to you and your fiancé.

Wedding Renewal Invitations Decide which hand cancellation postmark you think will look best on your invitations. You can select from their two special postmarks of either double hearts or doves. Or you can go with the traditional Bridal Veil postmark. If you do not select a postmark, the postmaster will decide for you based on what she thinks will look the best. Once your wedding stamps have arrived, take careful consideration on where to place them on the outer envelopes.

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