Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations


Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, There are 3 or 4 different types of stationery that are favored by most couples choosing themed invitations. Prices for these various types of letter head vary widely because of the method the invitations are made. Listed here are some common types of stationery utilized for wedding invitations:

Thermography. This type of wedding party invitation is relatively inexpensive, well-known and easy to find. This type of request can be used for a casual marriage ceremony. Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, Thermography creates the impression of raised text via a printing process that warms the ink and resin chemical in a combination that triggers the printed text to show up raised while the paper underneath it looks smooth. Due to the heating process involved in making this type of invitation, the proper mixture of paper and ink can be used.

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