Wedding Invitation Postcards


Wedding Invitation Postcards They helped me in every way and their delivery was super quick. Much faster than when I mail things out from Portland. We mailed out all of our invitations on Saturday afternoon and by Monday everyone had received them. Even those in California, Texas, and Maryland! Now, that’s service. We had a great time during our visit to the Bridal Veil post office to mail out invitations to our destination Maui wedding. The tiny place was very cute and the woman at the counter was extremely helpful.

Wedding Invitation Postcards talked to her about some of the history of Bridal Veil and about all of the wedding invitations that went through there to get the special Bridal Veil postmark.She weighed our invitations to let us know how much each one would cost us to ship and gave us a large selection of postage stamps to select from. She also helped us figure out which domination of postage stamps we would need to use to have the right amount on our invitations. After careful consideration, we choose the monarch butterfly, wedding cake, and wedding rings.

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