The Real World Auckland; Season 5

Are you a fan of those reality shows like “The Apprentice”, “Extreme Home Makeover” or “Survivor”?  This genre has become hugely popular on television today, and I must say these are some of my favorite shows.  But what you see on television does not reveal all that happens behind the scenes.

To be honest, the victories and testimonies you read about each month in our newsletter do not reveal all the trials, testing and tears that come with them.  We may live in the exotic location of New Zealand and work with an eclectic group of Polynesian people, but life on the mission field can be incredibly difficult at times.

Cindy and I and the children are in our fifth year living 9,000 miles away from home, serving in the most gang infested community of New Zealand, reaching out to Polynesian people that look nothing like us, home schooling our four children, living by faith financially and facing the many challenges of leading an outreach that has grown to several hundred.  But we truly know we’re right in the middle of God’s will for our family.

We have climbed so far out on proverbial limb, there is nothing left to do but to hang on tight and call out to our heavenly Father for strength.  It is through all these trials, the Lord is depositing strength in our lives that we could have received no other way.  And we know the Lord will ultimately recycle all our trials and tests into treasure for His Glory!

Even now, we recall the former alcoholics, sexually abused young girls, former prostitute, suicidal teens, hopeless single mothers, broken families and ex-gang members who have come to know God in recent years and been transformed by Him.  And it is your prayer, your partnership, your encouragement, these lives and the limitless grace of God is what keeps us serving Him in New Zealand.

Thank you so much for your continued support.  You are so valuable to our family and this ministry.  We especially value your prayer for our family at this time.  You are certainly in our prayers! God bless you and your family!

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