The Miracle of Isaiah Tawhaki

What a month of miracles we have just seen here in our church in South Auckland!  From an infant paralyzed by a stroke miraculously being healed and walking; to a 2 pack a day smoker for many years set free from his addiction after being baptized; to a prayer being answered and another broken family being restored.  We are seeing the Lord do amazing things.

Most exciting is the miracle that took place in 18 month old Isaiah Tawhaki, a child who mysteriously suffered a stroke two weeks ago. Isaiah is the son of a single mother in our church, Julia Tawhaki.  The stroke left the right side of Isaiah’s body completely paralyzed and part of his brain lacking any blood flow.  The doctors gave a grim long term prognosis for Isaiah.

But Julia, and the entire church prayed for a miracle.  After ten days in the hospital with little improvement, Isaiah took a dramatic turn almost overnight.  He suddenly regained near complete motor skills in his right arm and leg.  This left the doctors astounded and our church praising God for a miracle.  Please continue to keep Isaiah and Julia in your prayers.

Another exciting story is what took place in the lives of Otto and Sally. Last month, I mentioned the baptism of the entire Yandall family.  Before Otto and Sally gave their lives to Christ, they smoked several packs of cigarettes a day for many years.  We prayed that every desire to smoke would be gone for good following their baptism.

To be honest I forgot about the prayer, until last Sunday when Otto ran up to me after service to say he and Sally had not touched a cigarette since that prayer.  A long term smoking habit is almost impossible to quit overnight, but “if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36)

Finally, we are excited to share the story of a “prodigal son” Frank who has returned home, literally and figuratively.  Frank is the ex-partner of Manu, a single mother of 2 children in our church.  After years of turmoil and months of prayer, Frank suddenly turned up at church for the first time and was powerfully touched by the Lord.  The next day he asked Manu to marry him and days later Frank surrendered his life to Christ in our family room.

What a powerful moment it was when Frank, Manu and Cindy and I got down on our knees and prayed with Frank as he repented and gave his life to Christ.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story and possible wedding photos in next month’s letter.

Hopefully you are encouraged to hear these glorious testimonies.  These lives are truly the fruit of your prayer and partnership.  You can visit New Zealand and meet them now, or you can see them in Heaven, but one day they will thank you for helping introduce them to Jesus.

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