Why Plant Churches in the US

Why Plant Churches in the US   The mission of Every Nation Ministries work, which Cindy and I have served with for more than 15 years, is to make disciples and establish Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially-responsible churches and campus ministries in Read more

Why Reach International Students in the US for Jesus?

Reaching the Nations from Your Doorstep   With world evangelism as a priority, Christians have moved all over the world taking the Gospel to every nation of the earth.  Personally, Cindy and I have spent the last seven years starting Read more

Every Nation in Our Generation

Every Nation Ministries is part of a worldwide movement that exists to honor God and advance His Kingdom through church planting, campus ministry and world missions. Since its inception in 1994, Every Nation Ministries has grown from a handful of Read more

We are Taking Root in North Carolina

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MengCindy  Happy Spring to you!  I like Spring because of the sense of newness, new growth, the crisp, fresh air, the vibrancy of colorful sights and sounds; and the anticipation of what is ahead.

Such is a new season for the Simpson clan.  After we left Asia, we had always planned on eventually moving to Seattle to be part of the Every Nation church there.  However, after being here in North Carolina for almost 20 months, it has become apparent to us that the move out west will be alot more financially, emotionally and physically than we expected.

After much prayer and discussion with our leaders in NC and WA, we have made the very difficult decision to close the doors on a move to Seattle.
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Lives are being transformed!

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AzizAndAisha  Praise God for the amazing harvest we are seeing here in North Carolina!  So many students and professors from so many nations are hearing the Gospel for the FIRST time and are receiving it with joy!  Lives from all over the earth are being transformed on every campus here in the Triangle!  Enjoy the pictures and stories below and rejoice with us.  This harvest is only made possible because our labor TOGETHER!

  Our  ministry to internationals called iMix (International Ministry and Interest Exchange) had the privilege of mobilizing 16 American families to host 60+ international students for Easter!  Also, several parties were hosted that saw nearly 30 students come as well!  Beside sharing great food and fellowship, thetrue meaning of Easter and the story of Jesus was shared with all.  Above is a picture of our family room filled with Chinese, Hong Kong and Malaysian students during an Easter eve event we hosted.

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Reaching the Nations from Your Doorstep

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Happy holidays from the Simpsons!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. For the first time since 2003, we were able to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family.  It was an awesome time filled with laughter, great food, reminiscing, and beautiful weather in Nashville.  It was especially rewarding to see Hannah, John, Christian and Daniel play with all there cousins for the first time.

Cindy and I continue to plan and prepare for our move to Seattle to help re-plant a church and campus ministry very near the University of Washington.  But until then, we have fully engaged with the international student ministries we helped start at UNC, Duke and NC State. Read more

“There is No Place Like Home!”

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Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz once said “There is no place like home!”, then clicked her heels and she was back in her home in Kansas. For our family, there is no place like home (the United States).  However, for us it took 23.5 hours on the airplane to make the journey back home.

But we are so glad to share that we arrived safely home and have just finished a wonderful holiday at the beach with our extended family. It was wonderful to connect with them after not seeing them for several years.  They were amazed to see the how much the kids had grown and how little hair I had.

We are now in North Carolina and looking forward to visiting with our friends and all those who make our missions work possible. There are so many people we hope to thank personally for standing with us while on the mission field.  We are doing our best to contact everyone, but if you are free to meet please give us a call at 843-597-2517.

We continue to hear great things from Penang, Malaysia and there is a new wave of students that are visiting the church, especially students from the medical college.  It is wonderful to be back in the US, but we are already missing our adopted nation Malaysia.

We wanted to share an amazing story that took place yesterday as we visited our home church King’s Park International Church in Durham, NC.  After service a young Chinese girl approached Cindy and asked if she remembered her.  It seems “Alice” had taken an international student trip with us to Washington DC five years ago.

“Alice” was an unbeliever then, but has recently become a follower of Jesus.  Remembering Cindy and I worked with KPIC, she visited the church two weeks ago hoping to find us and share with us the good news.  Alice returned again yesterday still searching for Cindy and “her big American husband”.  Although Cindy has not been back to KPIC in 5 years, Alice and her met in a remarkable divine appointment. What a moment we will both treasure!

Never underestimate the impact you can make as you share the Gospel and Christ’s love to those the Lord brings before you.  Thank you for helping share the Gospel and Christ’s love in Malaysia. There is a great story you are helping write in the lives of so many.

We love you all. Thank you again for keeping our family in your prayers! Be blessed today!

You and Your Family Will Be Saved

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Greetings from Malaysia. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  We’re preparing for our big holiday as we speak. Here in Malaysia, the holiday centers around Chinese New Year (January 29) and we are so looking forward to the festivities.  Let the fireworks, lion dances, Hong Bao (red envelopes full of money), family visits and Chinese food feasts begin.

Our New Year will begin with 7 days of prayer and fasting (starting tomorrow).  Our greatest prayer is that many Malay, Chinese and Indian in Penang would come to know Jesus in 2009.  Would you please take some time over the next week to pray for Penang, our church plant and our family?  Your prayers play such an important role in our work here in Malaysia.

We are thrilled to share with you some great news.  After many years of prayer, Cindy’s brother Eric gave his heart to Jesus and amazing things are happening in his life.  Eric is a very talented graphic artist in London with so much going for him.  He has a high paying job, beautiful girlfriend, stylish flat, he’s living in “the greatest city in the world”, but there was a real emptiness in his life.

Due to immigration issues, Eric returned back to Malaysia in July.  When his work visa application was DENIED, he realized how everything he so valued in life can be gone in a moment.  Like never before in his life, Eric began to cry out to God for help.  He also began visiting an Every Nation church in Kuala Lumpur.  Then just last week, during a visit to Penang, Eric shared with me how he has totally surrendered his life to Jesus and his life is being transformed from the inside out. Praise God!

In the midst of Eric becoming a Christian, there is a new openness of Cindy’s Buddhist and Taoist parents to the Gospel.  They now know all 3 of their children are Christians and there will be no child to care for them in their “afterlife”.  We ask you to keep Cindy’s parents in your prayers when we visit them for Chinese New Years.

On another note, we had a house filled on Christmas day with people we have been reaching out to in Penang.  We had over 30 visitors of an incredibly diverse background.  We had Myanmar, Filipino, Indian, Malay, and Chinese friends.  It was awesome time of fellowship, and has really opened many of their hearts to future ministry.  We will keep you updated on the praise reports to come!

Finally, Cindy and I just wanted to thank you again for your role in this church plant in Malaysia.  We are totally committed to proclaiming Jesus everyday in this nation, and we are so grateful for our ministry partners who stand with us in this work.  Many days the challenges seem too overwhelming, but knowing the Lord has called us here and you are standing with us keeps us pressing on.

Thank you again. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. God bless!