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Farewell Our Beloved New Zealand

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As our family walked through the airport at 3 AM with tears in our eyes for our flight to Malaysia, we were shocked to see the 40+ crowd waving good bye to our family from the windows of the terminal.  I mean, who goes to the airport at 3 AM to say goodbye?  What a touching last memory of our time in New Zealand to cherish.

I must say that Cindy and I gave all of our heart and soul to these people, and we saw the Lord do amazing things over our four years in Auckland.  Even on our last Sunday, as we were being sent out from Every Nation Christian Church – Auckland, we were told that a Maori girl and single mother of six children who recently got saved and wanted us to baptize her.  What an amazing moment as we packed 16 people in a bathroom for the baptism of Noru!

We are now in Malaysia and Cindy is catching up on 15 years apart from her parents.  Our time in Kuala Lumpur is part sabbatical, part family wedding and part mission to see the Lord move in her parent’s life.  Most days we wake to the smell of incense burning at the Buddhist altar of her mother, but we trust the Lord is using us and our children to get into the hearts of her parents who so desperately need Jesus.

Please keep our family in prayer in this season as we minister to her parents and seek the Lord about our future ministry assignment in Malaysia or the United States.  Thank you also for your patience as we rest and prepare for the most amazing season of ministry that lies ahead.

Each day in Malaysia, we find myself looking into the eyes of burqa clad Muslim women, young professionals burning incense at a Buddhist alter and 18 year old Hindu’s bowing down to an altar of a moustache clad “god” that looks like Tom Selleck.  And we realize how much this world is in bondage to false religion and how desperately they need to know our savior Jesus.

Thank you again for your prayer and partnership.  We believe the Lord has hundreds of young lives waiting to be reached through you and our family laboring together. Please pray that the Lord would make His will clear.  Thanks again and God bless you and your family.

Big News from the Simpsons in New Zealand

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When the Lord brought Cindy and me together 8 years ago, we knew He would take us on a global adventure if we would faithfully follow His lead.  We knew our cross cultural marriage was brought together by God’s hand and would be used for His glory.

Believe it or not, the home towns in which we grew up (Hudson, Ohio and Kuala, Lumpur) are exactly 180 degrees on the opposite side of the world.  Visit Earth.Google.com for a closer look!  Cindy and I have always been amazed how the Lord has guided our steps.

From the beginning, what knit Cindy and I together was our love for Jesus, our love for one another, our love for young people who were far from God, and our love for the nations (the mission field).  Our years in Auckland have only made us more passionate about these loves and the vision of Every Nation Ministries.

That vision being to plant churches, to reach the next generation for Jesus, train up Christian leaders and send missionaries to every nation of the world.

But after months of prayer and counsel, Cindy and I know our season in New Zealand has come to an end.  And we will be transitioning into a new ministry assignment with Every Nation Ministries.  It is difficult to say goodbye, but we know the churches here are in the great hands of Kiwi leaders. This was our vision from the very beginning!

So in late May, our family will be leaving for a two month sabbatical in Malaysia to spend time with Cindy’s family, enjoy a family wedding and seek the Lord about some amazing doors that are opening in Malaysia and the US.  Please pray for a time of well needed rest for our family and that the Lord would make His will abundantly clear.  Our desire is to serve wherever He leads.

You have been such a valuable party of this ministry from the first day.  Literally, this work in the South Pacific has been made possible only through your partnership.  For many years to come, hundreds will continue to know Jesus through these churches we have labored together to build.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. Cindy and I love and appreciate you so much!

Moving to the Largest Polynesian City in the World; Manukau

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When the Lord called our family to New Zealand in 2004, there was nothing to do but say “Yes, Lord”.  Now the Lord has spoken to us to make another move, a move to the largest Polynesian city in the world, Manakau City (South Auckland).

 Although Manakau City is just 40 minutes south of where we currently reside, the ethnic background of South Auckland is almost entirely Pacific Islanders.  This means they are of Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Cook Islands, or Maori (NZ) descent. Also, there is a large Asian population from Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.

Cindy and I are so excited to serve our new Every Nation Christian Church in Manakau City which has been seeing incredible growth. Truly, “the harvest has been plentiful, but the laborers” all live on the North Shore of Auckland.  But because of our love for the Pacific Islanders and to most effectively reach this community, our family will be moving this month.

Like never before we are asking for your faithful prayer for our family and our ministry.  Along with our move, our team is preparing to plant a brand new church in Waitakere City (West Auckland) and a new Every Nation Leadership Institute in Apia, Samoa.  But we know that nothing can be accomplished unless we first open doors through fervent prayer.  This is where we need you help!

Cindy and I are really hoping to develop a larger team of intercessors who will pray for our family, our staff, our churches and our outreach here in the South Pacific.  Would you be willing to commit to pray for us at least three days per week?

As partners with us in spreading the Gospel in the South Pacific, we believe the greatest help you can give at this time is by being apart of our intercessory team.  If you feel the led to be apart of our intercessory team, please enter your email details in the box to your right. You will then receive weekly emails with critical prayer requests.

Thank you so much for partnering with us here in New Zealand.  Your involvement with us is crucial to the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the South Pacific. Blessings to you and your family.