Why Plant Churches in the US

Why Plant Churches in the US   The mission of Every Nation Ministries work, which Cindy and I have served with for more than 15 years, is to make disciples and establish Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially-responsible churches and campus ministries in Read more

Why Reach International Students in the US for Jesus?

Reaching the Nations from Your Doorstep   With world evangelism as a priority, Christians have moved all over the world taking the Gospel to every nation of the earth.  Personally, Cindy and I have spent the last seven years starting Read more

Every Nation in Our Generation

Every Nation Ministries is part of a worldwide movement that exists to honor God and advance His Kingdom through church planting, campus ministry and world missions. Since its inception in 1994, Every Nation Ministries has grown from a handful of Read more

1000 Students and a Campus Harvest

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Greetings from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina!  Home of some of the best college basketball in America.  UNC, Duke and NC State basketball is not the only thing advancing in the area this month.  The kingdom of God continues to advance as well.

We have so many exciting open doors to students and refugees from around the world that now live in the Triangle.

The most exciting open door is with several UNC students from China who are members of the Chinese Olympic team.  Recently we hosted a Chinese New Year and had our speed skater friend Quihong join us. (see last months newsletter) She invited a fellow Chinese Olympian Zhong Man.

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Reach, Teach and Release: From Nigeria to Duke University to China

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A Nigerian born girl powerfully set free from generations of torment, an “unreached” Muslim people group from China reached at Campus Harvest, an Iranian grad student comes to faith in Christ, 11 Chinese baptized and a huge promotion for Cindy.  These are just some of the exciting updates form here in NC.

Our apologies for the delay in this email update.  With life, family, and ministry keeping us busy, the time sure can fly by.  But we are excited to share some stories of what Father in doing in the lives of students, leaders and the nations.

One exciting story is of a young man from a Muslim “unreached” people group in China who recently came to faith in Christ at a Campus Harvest student conferences.  After returning back to China, a deep burden was placed in his heart for his people, the Uighurs.  He has since returned to the US for further equipping and training and will return to China soon to begin church planting amongst his people group.

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Myanmar, Malaysia, Loas, China, Thailand, Iran, India…

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Barack Obama is elected president, the world is rocked by a financial meltdown, gasoline shortages in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Malaysia is in the midst of political upheaval, yet the Lord of Heaven is still sovereign over all.  It is amazing all the change that can take place in the matter of one month.

Like you, Cindy and I are facing a time of great testing in our finances and ministry assignment.  But in the midst of it all, the Lord is using these trials to make us more dependent on Him (a good thing) and is teaching us how to live above the circumstances of life (good thing).  We pray He is doing the same for you!

Another lesson we have learned, is that when the markets go DOWN, people’s openness to God goes UP.  The global markets make be in a recession, but the work of the Lord is advancing like never before, particularly here in Asia.

This month we gather in Kuala Lumpur for Every Nations Asian Pastors Equipping Conference.  It was an incredible gathering of EN pastors from the Middle East, SE Asia and Central Asia.  Over 160 pastors and their wives gathered to encourage one another and strategically plan EN’s work in this region.  You would have been incredibly proud to see the team of which YOU are a part.

Currently, there are 94 existing churches and church plants taking place in 24 nations throughout the Middle East and Asia.  So many pastors and there young families are making incredible sacrifices to make Jesus known in such difficult places.  Some of those pastors we spent time with are serving in Laos, UAE, Egypt, India, Myanmar, Laos, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia and the North Korean border.

Your partnership is what allows missionaries like Cindy and I to proclaim the Gospel and help establish churches here in Asia.  God has always used people to spread the Gospel message.  And today He is using YOU to make an impact in Malaysia and throughout Asia.  We are incredible grateful to be paired up with you in spreading the good news of Jesus here.

Remember, true peace is not calming the storms of life, but like Jesus, being able to sleep peacefully in the boat as the storms rage.  We pray the Lord will do a great work in your life today and in this coming season.  God bless and have a great holiday!