Why Plant Churches in the US

Why Plant Churches in the US   The mission of Every Nation Ministries work, which Cindy and I have served with for more than 15 years, is to make disciples and establish Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially-responsible churches and campus ministries in Read more

Why Reach International Students in the US for Jesus?

Reaching the Nations from Your Doorstep   With world evangelism as a priority, Christians have moved all over the world taking the Gospel to every nation of the earth.  Personally, Cindy and I have spent the last seven years starting Read more

Every Nation in Our Generation

Every Nation Ministries is part of a worldwide movement that exists to honor God and advance His Kingdom through church planting, campus ministry and world missions. Since its inception in 1994, Every Nation Ministries has grown from a handful of Read more

Hearts are Being Set Free!

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For years now, Every Nation Campus Ministries has been incredibly fruitful in preaching the Gospel on campus and seeing young people born-again.  Cindy and I hear many great stories of students getting saved across this nation.  Thanks so much for helping make this possible!

But we are also hear endless stories of students who are born-again, love Jesus, plugged into  a great church or campus ministry, but are paralyzed from wounds of their past and unable to walk in freedom in Christ!

Thankfully Father has annointed Cindy to help bring healing to the broken hearted through the power of the Holy Spirit, counselling and inner healing.  As well as a calling to equip campus ministers, pastors and leaders to help young people find freedom so they may fulfill Father’s calling for their lives. Read more

We are Taking Root in North Carolina

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MengCindy  Happy Spring to you!  I like Spring because of the sense of newness, new growth, the crisp, fresh air, the vibrancy of colorful sights and sounds; and the anticipation of what is ahead.

Such is a new season for the Simpson clan.  After we left Asia, we had always planned on eventually moving to Seattle to be part of the Every Nation church there.  However, after being here in North Carolina for almost 20 months, it has become apparent to us that the move out west will be alot more financially, emotionally and physically than we expected.

After much prayer and discussion with our leaders in NC and WA, we have made the very difficult decision to close the doors on a move to Seattle.
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