Reaching the Nations from Your Doorstep

Happy holidays from the Simpsons!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. For the first time since 2003, we were able to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family.  It was an awesome time filled with laughter, great food, reminiscing, and beautiful weather in Nashville.  It was especially rewarding to see Hannah, John, Christian and Daniel play with all there cousins for the first time.

Cindy and I continue to plan and prepare for our move to Seattle to help re-plant a church and campus ministry very near the University of Washington.  But until then, we have fully engaged with the international student ministries we helped start at UNC, Duke and NC State.

Just last week, we helped place 60 international students into Americans homes to celebrate Thanksgiving.  With US students home for the holidays, these can be especially lonely times for overseas students. And we know that as we open our homes to these students and share the love of Jesus, they open their hearts to the Gospel as well.  Along with Americans opening their home, a dinner at UNC cohosted by iMix (International Ministry and Interest Exchange) saw over 100+ international students in attendance.  It was amazing night with many “divine connections.”

Thanks to you, we are able to spend our days reaching these future world leaders who study and teach on our local campuses.  An awesome example of this is the newly appointed Prime Minister of Libya, Abdurrahim el-Keib, was an international student who graduated from NC State.  What an awesome opportunity to reach the nations without leaving home!

On another note, Cindy recently received an email from a Chinese girl Amy (Right of Cindy) who gave her heart to Christ a few weeks back.  Cindy has been studying the Bible with her several times a week and she is preparing to be baptised this Sunday.  Enjoy this touching note, you have made this story possible.

Dear Cindy,

 I pray for you and your family every day. It is never too much to express my thanks for everything you have done for me. I do think that is the plan from the Lord that sent you to help me, lead me and give me warmth of family in a foreign country. You have evidenced my confession of faith and will evidence my baptism. These are all beyond my imagination: I never thought that I can know Jesus in depth in such a short time. I know I would not achieve this without help from you.

 I know I still have a long long journey of knowing Jesus and exploring the Lord’s plan for me. The life under the protection from you and the church is much easier than the life back China. I believe I will do a great job because God and you will always with me!

 Love you!



Finally, I continue to focus primarily on developing our partnership team.  We really appreciate your prayers as we take some time to expand our team after our years on the mission field.

Thank you again for continuing to stand with us in this time of transition.  We know that the Lord has prepared hundreds and thousands of people waiting to respond to the Gospel in Seattle, if we will be faithful to His calling to go.  But until our relocation next June, we plan on being faithful and fruitful right here on the campuses in North Carolina.

Have a wonderful Christmas season! Many blessings to you and your family!


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