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Our Meeting with Sir Edmund Hillary

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What an exciting meeting we had this morning with the staff of Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate.  For over a year we’ve been praying and searching for a new meeting place for our expanding church in South Auckland.  At the top of our list was Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, right in the heart of the Pacific Islander community we’re reaching.

However, there were two problems.  The principal was not interested in allowing a church use of their facility and they were in the middle of a $15 million dollar renovation of the school and auditorium.

But amazingly, we were told today the renovations will be complete in 6 weeks and “your church seems to have a lot of favour with several of the school board members.”  Essentially they stated we would be given use of this fabulous facility in the coming weeks.

Little did they know they were renovating the auditorium for Every Nation Christian Church.  Through faith and patience, our prayers are being answered!  We will keep you updated on this as things progress.

So many other exciting things are taking place.  Our “Victory Clubs” ministry to high school kids has been seeing incredible fruit.  At a recent launch of a new “Victory Club” at Tangaroa High in South Auckland, over 300 students came to hear how they could live a life of Victory.

Also, we are about to start “Saturday Night Live” in West Auckland.  These will be powerful nights of praise, worship and testimonies and will kick off our new West Side church plant.

Cindy has begun teaching at our Every Nation Leadership Institute in Auckland.  And in July, I will begin travelling to Samoa to help teach at our ENLI there.

Let us say that all of these wonderful works you are making possible.  Each door that we walk through, you are truly with us. For without partners like you, we would be unable to reap the harvest the Lord has prepared for us in New Zealand. Thank you for allowing us to share the Gospel with hundreds of Kiwis looking for hope.

South Pacific Church Planters Summit

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What an action packed month of April just came to an end.  The highlight of the month was pastors, campus ministers and leaders from around the South Pacific converging on Auckland for our 5th annual South Pacific Summit.

It is amazing to see what the Lord has done in the five years since the first Every Nation church was planted in Auckland.  Approximately 200 delegates from around the region representing the nations of Australia, Samoa and New Zealand were in attendance.

The highlight of the Summit was hearing from two home grown missionaries who were recently sent out from Auckland.  Lorna Manu and Fila Fuamatu were sent to Samoa, along with a small team, to help establish a new Every Nation Leadership Institute.  The school’s now in its first semester, with a great group of students eager to be equipped for the Lord’s service in the Pacific Islands.

The week following the conference, Cindy and I made our move to South Auckland.  Being in this part of town will allow us to better serve and pastor the people who are a part of our thriving Southside church.  Already, we’ve seen a steady stream of people seeking help in a variety of difficult issues of life. Please pray the Lord would give us wisdom as we help pastor the people.

On an administrative note, our Every Nation Ministries – Los Angeles office will soon be relocating to Nashville, TN. This relocation will allow our Schools of Youth and Campus Ministry and corporate operations to be located in one place!  This relocation should be completed by mid- June.

When the move is complete, all gifts in the USA should be sent to Every Nation Ministries, PO Box 1787, Brentwood, TN 37024-1787. We will keep you updated with details as this date approaches.  Feel free to call or email if you have any questions regarding this move.

Cindy and I are facing challenges like never before, so we are so grateful to have people like you praying for us and standing with us.The harvest we are seeing in New Zealand and the South Pacific could not be “pulled in” without your help.  We love you and are so grateful for all you have done for us.  God bless you and your family!

The Samoan Prime Minister’s Endorsement

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Summer has come to an end, school is back in session and many exciting new things are taking place in Auckland, on campus and throughout the South Pacific

The most exciting recent news is the launch of our new Every Nation Leadership Institute in Apia, Samoa. Last week, we had a kick off dinner in which we invited government officials, local pastors and business leaders to come hear the vision for ENLI. To our excitement, the Prime Minister of Samoa confirmed to attend and asked to speak at the banquet.

Along with the Prime Minister, several Members of Parliament, local pastors and reporters from Samoan national television attended the evening. After hearing Pastor Ken share our ministries heart to reach young Samoans with the Gospel and equip them for leadership, the Prime Minister rose to speak.

After sharing a few thoughts on the importance of training future leaders with Godly character, the Prime Minister looked into the national news cameras. He stated “I wholeheartedly endorse Every Nation Leadership Institute and welcome them and there work in the nation of Samoa.”

What an incredible recommendation! We know this is just the start of great things the Lord wants to do in Samoa and the Pacific Islands.

Also this month, we celebrated our Every Nation Leadership Institute graduation in Auckland. What a diverse group of 90+ students we graduated. This year’s graduates were young and old; Maori, Pacific Islander and Asian; university students and house wives; and rugby players to police officers. They all had diverse backgrounds but they had one common thread, a heart to be equipped to be world changers for Christ.

My greatest pride was seeing Karl Waru, a full Maori and university student, graduate from ENLI. You may recall that Karl attempted suicide at the beginning of last year, but since then he has really been transformed by the power of God and has now graduated from ENLI.

Thank you so much for sending us to the islands to serve these beautiful people. We are seeing the Lord touch so many lives and open so many doors here. Hopefully, one day you can visit New Zealand and see the faces of those you have helped reach with the Gospel through your support. Thank you again! Love and blessings to you.

Moving to the Largest Polynesian City in the World; Manukau

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When the Lord called our family to New Zealand in 2004, there was nothing to do but say “Yes, Lord”.  Now the Lord has spoken to us to make another move, a move to the largest Polynesian city in the world, Manakau City (South Auckland).

 Although Manakau City is just 40 minutes south of where we currently reside, the ethnic background of South Auckland is almost entirely Pacific Islanders.  This means they are of Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Cook Islands, or Maori (NZ) descent. Also, there is a large Asian population from Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.

Cindy and I are so excited to serve our new Every Nation Christian Church in Manakau City which has been seeing incredible growth. Truly, “the harvest has been plentiful, but the laborers” all live on the North Shore of Auckland.  But because of our love for the Pacific Islanders and to most effectively reach this community, our family will be moving this month.

Like never before we are asking for your faithful prayer for our family and our ministry.  Along with our move, our team is preparing to plant a brand new church in Waitakere City (West Auckland) and a new Every Nation Leadership Institute in Apia, Samoa.  But we know that nothing can be accomplished unless we first open doors through fervent prayer.  This is where we need you help!

Cindy and I are really hoping to develop a larger team of intercessors who will pray for our family, our staff, our churches and our outreach here in the South Pacific.  Would you be willing to commit to pray for us at least three days per week?

As partners with us in spreading the Gospel in the South Pacific, we believe the greatest help you can give at this time is by being apart of our intercessory team.  If you feel the led to be apart of our intercessory team, please enter your email details in the box to your right. You will then receive weekly emails with critical prayer requests.

Thank you so much for partnering with us here in New Zealand.  Your involvement with us is crucial to the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the South Pacific. Blessings to you and your family.

You’ve Got to See these Kids!

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Happy New Year to you and your family! We hope you had a wonderful holiday and are off to a great 2007.  This past year has been a great year for our ministry, but an even greater one for the Simpson family.

When the Lord called us to New Zealand, our entire family received the call and we’d all have to make sacrifices, especially our children. And the question we hear most when we call back to the US is “How are the children?”  So we wanted to honor my little heroes of the faith, Hannah John Jr., Christian and Daniel, and share a few of their highlights from 2006.

Let’s start with Daniel, our little guy with the million dollar smile.  (See photo below) Daniel’s 18 mos. old and is an amazingly sweet little guy.  A few of his loves are chilling on the couch watching “Little Einsteins”, puppet shows before he goes to bed, long bubble baths and playing with toys with which Christian is playing.

Then there is our animal loving musician Christian.  Christian has two great loves, his “anniiimaaalllllsssss” (as he says it) and playing his drums.  Or should I say playing chop sticks on his “buckets”.

And he loves his plastic “Little People” animals. Literally, bedtime and road trips can come to a screeching halt due to one misplaced giraffe.  A few of Christian’s favorite things are jumping on the trampoline, chasing Johnny and telling “knock knock” jokes with obscure yet hilarious punchlines.

Then there is my name sake John Jr., the 2006 award winner for quote of the year.  One day Hannah was asking Johnny to dance with her to some kid’s music.  Johnny’s response was “Not now Hannah, I’m breathing!”  But seriously, Johnny is an amazing boy with a very thoughtful heart, always sharing and looking after his sister and brothers.

Some of Johnny’s passions include “hip hop” dancing (defiintely not in my genes), playing mini golf, buggy boarding and back massages before bed.

And last but not least is Hannah.  What an amazing, smart and beautiful little girl.  She’s a very graceful dancer (won award at her dance school for “most promising dancer”), loves playing the piano, likes jumping on the trampoline and is into her “fashion” and accessories.

Hannah is studying at the “Simpson Home School” and is top of her class.  But most exciting, is that Hannah genuinely prayed and gave her life to Jesus this past year.  Praise the Lord!

We’re so grateful to you for your prayer and support of our ministry, and especially our family.  Some days we feel so far from home and the US, but knowing we are in your thoughts and prayers is a real encouragement.  Thank you so much for being a blessing!  May 2007 be your greatest year of your lives!

Beto Chapa: The Passing of Our Dear Brother and Co-Laborer

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This week in Auckland we have seen the passing of the baton.  From Beto Chapa to the next generation of Every Nation staff, who are today in Auckland, being trained in support development and will soon be released into the mission field.

It is with great sorrow that I share with you the passing of my best friend and co-worker here in the South Pacific, Beto Chapa.  He will be greatly missed by our family, our Auckland church family and everyone that knew him.

Beto was a tremendous man of God and equally great husband and father to his wife Holly and two boys Isaac and Jake. Unfortunately, his third son due in February will never have the chance to meet his wonderful father.

Please keep Holly, Isaac, Jake and their new baby in your prayers.  This is a very difficult time for them, but we are praying that they will experience the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father in a powerful way.

Beto and I met 9 years ago, just weeks after committing my life to the Lord and a few months after his commitment to Christ.  I still remember meeting him at Bethel World Outreach Center.  Someone told me there was a “Big guy from Texas” who was moving up to Nashville to attend Every Nation Leadership Institute and I needed to meet him.

That night we stayed up late telling stories and sharing our testimonies and from that moment on we made a deep connect.  He moved in a few days later and we became best of friends.

Over the next few years we made it through ENLI together, through several church plants and through lots of “iron sharpening iron”, but in the process we grew closer to one another and especially closer to the Lord.

We talked and dreamed about one day serving together on the mission field, getting married, having children and watching them grow up and play together.  I’m very thankful to say that all of those dreams came true.

With renewed passion and zeal we are determined to carry on what Beto helped begin.  Thank you so much for your support and prayer in this time.  Your partnership is making a real impact in the lives of so many young people in Australia, New Zealand and now Samoa. God bless you for your faithfulness.

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