Farewell My Dear Friend Nonoy; The Passing of a Co-Worker

What a month of highs and lows it has been here in Penang.  In the past few weeks, we’ve seen our church family give birth and get married. We’ve seen new believers and “pre-believers” make huge steps closer to God. We packed and said goodbye to our co-workers Jojo and Ida Henson who returned to Manila.  And we said a final farewell to a dear missionary friend who passed away last week in Penang.

Let me start with the good news, the Lord continues to bring the broken hearted into our lives and the church.  New faces are visiting Eagle Point each week and our seating capacity is being maxed out and a second service is not far away.  But we care far more about hearts being transformed by Jesus then seats being filled.

We continue to meet and disciple many young people.  Some are in the midst of divorce, depression and serious family dysfunction, but we are seeing the Holy Spirit fill the hopeless with hope in Jesus.  Would you take a few minutes to pray for Vivian, Sharon, Cindy, Bryan, Ku, Su Jen, Adrian and Chua?  Great things are happening in their lives and we appreciate your prayers for them.

On a sad note, we need to report the passing of a dear missionary friend Nonoy Ayalon.  As you know, Cindy and I have been working with missionaries who come to Penang from “restricted” nations for pastoring, encouragement, rest and a Visa renewal.  It’s an honor to host these “frontline” missionaries in our home, which has been nicknamed “house of hope” by our guests.

Last week, Nonoy and his wife Rosa and daughter Josy came to Penang for a “Visa run”.  But Nonoy needed much more than a Visa renewal.  The afternoon he arrived, he shared with our Filipino co-host Joule Bonus the great trials he was facing in Indonesia and his thoughts of quitting the ministry.

Early that evening, Nonoy took a walk from Joule’s home for fresh air and to visit another friend for encouragement.  While he was crossing the street near our home, Nonoy was struck and killed by a passing motorcycle.  This was a tragic end to the life of a man that gave everything to reach the “cousins” of Indonesia.

The following days saw a beautiful demonstration of the body of Christ caring for Rosa and Josy and Nonoy’s remains.  Missionaries from around SE Asia flooded Penang and our home to help.  You would’ve been especially proud to see how the Lord used Cindy to comfort and encourage Rosa and Josy.  She was a tremendous encouragement.

The family’s now in the Philippines and we know they’re in “good hands”, Nonoy included.  Please continue to pray for the Rosa and Josy as they adjust to life without their husband and father.  And please continue to pray for all those missionaries who are taking the Gospel to “restricted nations” that are closed to Christian activity.  Your time in prayer for these missionaries immediately take you to the front lines.

We can not thank you enough for your partnership in the Gospel. You’ve placed us in a huge harvest field that’s filled with millions who have never heard the good news. Thanks so much for being a prayer warrior, partner and friend.

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