“Tried in the Fire”- Persecution in Penang

Before I share anything this month, I want to say thank you for faithfully standing with our family and our Malaysian church plant through prayer and partnership.  In the last few months Cindy and I and the Penang churches have been “tried in the fire, but we are coming out gold”.  And when we walk through the challenges, it is great encouragement to have friends like you walking with us.

First, let me share a huge shaking the churches in Penang have recently been through.  Last month, our church helped host a conference Unashamedly Ethical.  This conference was a gathering of business people and pastors making a stand against corruption of all forms in Malaysia.  Subsequently, a meeting was arranged with the Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng, a Chinese and fellow Christian.

During this meeting, the pastors had a time of prayer for the Chief Minister.  The events of the evening and this time of prayer were leaked to the press and were hugely misconstrued by a well known Malay political blogger.  Ultimately, the front page of a national newspaper accused the Chief Minister and the pastors of Penang of taking a pledge to make “Christianity, the National Religion” of Malaysia.  In this country, this is like adding fuel to a smoldering fire!

Personally, this has resulted in three interrogations of my co-worker Pastor Jonathon and a questionable “police visit” to our home requesting our passport details.  But the firestorm has begun to subdued and we know these trials have only strengthened the church to the glory of God.  You can read more about the controversy below.

For us personally, we continue to see new people coming to Christ and added to Eagle Point Church.  This is our greatest joy to see these locals get saved, plugged into the house and make huge steps in their relationship with God.  Thanks for keeping Ku, Cindy and Khai Thrine in your prayers as they get grounded in their new faith.

Finally, we have much to share about our upcoming transition from Penang.  Cindy and I have been doing some serious prayer and soul searching regarding our future and we want to share more with you.  In the next few days we will send you an email with more details.

Until then, thank you so much for being such a blessing in our lives.  We deeply appreciate your friendship and partnership in the Gospel with us. And I know many new believers in Penang are “eternally grateful” to you also.  Many blessings to you and your family!


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