Divine Appointments and Loving Our Muslim Friends


So often our Heavenly Father calls us to a path we had not planned for ourselves.  Proverbs 16:9 says it perfectly, “the heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”  Well, two weeks ago our family planned to head  straight home after a friend’s going away party in Durham.  It was a school night and it was nearing 10 PM.  But I noticed that we were running low on gas and thought it best to go fill up.

As we pulled out ouf the gas station after filling up, we noticed a Muslim women with grocery bags on the side of the road with a rather worried look on her face.  Cindy and I knew there was no way we could pass her by.  So we stopped and introduced ourselves and offered this women a ride home.  Amany is a visiting scholar from Cairo, Egypt studying at Duke and unfortunately had missed the last bus of the day back to her home.

Amany was genuinely touched by our willingness to pick her up and offer to drive her to her home 20 minutes away.  For Cindy and I, we know a divine appointment when we see one.  We got Amany home safely, made plans to see her again and invited her to our home the folling weekend.  Amany untimately cancelled those plans due to her work.  But when our church was having a Labor Day picnic, we felt led to invite her to join us.

Amany joyfully accepted and joined us for a great picnic.  Knowing Amany was Muslim, Cindy prepared a Halal meal for her and she was amazed by her thoughtfulness.  During the pinic, Amany was so well received and was shown the Father’s love by so many of our friends.  Being the only one wearing a hijab (head covering) at the event, she was easy to spot.

After the picnic, we dropped Amany back at her home, snapped the picture above and began our goodbyes.  As Cindy was planning another time to meet and saying goodbye to her as well, Amany leans over to her and says “I love you Cindy.  You are my best friend.”  What a touching encounter.

    What a beautiful example of how easy it is to reach out to Muslims and the nations who are studying here in the US.  Please pray the grace and truth of Jesus would overwhelm Amany’s heart.


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