“I Have Fallen So Far and I Don’t Know How to Pick Myself Up”

“I have fallen so far and I don’t know how to pick myself up. Everything I have in life is gone.  My marriage, my job and my corner office on Madison Avenue. Everything!”  This is what a 62 year old businessman and complete stranger came up and shared with me in the first minute today while I was having a meeting at Panera Bread café.

As I was sharing my testimony and how God transformed my life with a potential new ministry partner, this man overheard our conversation, “interrupted” me, poured out his heart out and asked if we could meet later today.  He must not have known what an “important” meeting which I was having.  What an amazing moment!

This may have been the only reason the Lord had our family remain in the United States until October 5th.  Of course, we are continuing to meet with people and share what God is doing in Malaysia and ask them to partner with us.  But these are the moments where you drop everything, put your agenda on hold and rescue the person who is drowning before your very eyes.

On another note, we are eager to return to Malaysia and get back to the people and place that we love so much. Since our absence, we were told that the church has grown more then twenty percent.  We are thrilled to hear that many new students have come to Christ this summer and have been added to the church.

As I shared with so many this summer, the world is waiting to hear and receive the great news of Jesus Christ.  There are broken and fractured lives everywhere. At Panera Bread in Hudson, OH and along the streets of Penang, Malaysia.  And nothing can restore the soul of men and women like a restored relationship with their Savior Jesus Christ.

Because of you, your prayer, your encouragement and your support, Cindy and I have been able to give our lives away to make God’s love known near and far.  Every life we have been able to reach for Christ has been because of you.

Because of you, our family has been able to return to the US.  Because of you, this broken man’s life will take a dramatic turn at our 3PM meeting today!

Thank you again for being such a blessing to the Simpsons. God bless you!

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