Home is in the Middle of God’s Will, So Goodbye America

God bless America! As a citizen of the United States, this is a phrase we said and heard over and over.  But after living on the mission field and in a nation with very little religious freedom, and seeing the incredible poverty in Asia, we’ve come to realize how much God HAS already blessed America.

Our time in the states this summer has been wonderful, but we have faced a bit of “reverse culture shock”.  Everything seems to be bigger, faster, louder, more high tech and life is so incredibly comfortable in America.  But what stands out to us most is the total freedom Americans have to worship God with all their hearts and serve Him completely.

On most every city street a church can be found. All over the radio dial we find stations playing Christian music.  As we surf the television we find a dozen different Christian stations broadcasting in multiple languages.  And finally, we’ve visited bookstores with every possible Christian book and resource you can imagine.  God truly has blessed America!

All these freedoms confirm in our hearts our call to serve Jesus and make Him known in Malaysia.  This is a nation where 60% percent of the population (Malay people) will be imprisoned for declaring faith in Christ.  This is a nation where the other 40% of the population risks imprisonment for sharing their faith in Christ to the Malay.  This is a place that is incredibly darkened spiritually, but where the light of Christ will shine the brightest.

We have loved our time in the US this summer, but we look forward to returning and making Christ known in Malaysia.  Our planned departure is September 10, but we are considering extending our stay a bit longer.  This will give us more time to develop new ministry support and will allow us to return to the mission field fully funded. We will keep you updated on this item.

Together, we are bringing the liberating and life changing message of Jesus Christ to the nations. And it’s our honor to be partnering with you to fulfill the Great Commission. We look forward to sharing great news of what God is doing in Malaysia. Be blessed!


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