Hearts are Being Set Free!


For years now, Every Nation Campus Ministries has been incredibly fruitful in preaching the Gospel on campus and seeing young people born-again.  Cindy and I hear many great stories of students getting saved across this nation.  Thanks so much for helping make this possible!

But we are also hear endless stories of students who are born-again, love Jesus, plugged into  a great church or campus ministry, but are paralyzed from wounds of their past and unable to walk in freedom in Christ!

Thankfully Father has annointed Cindy to help bring healing to the broken hearted through the power of the Holy Spirit, counselling and inner healing.  As well as a calling to equip campus ministers, pastors and leaders to help young people find freedom so they may fulfill Father’s calling for their lives.

The past month, Cindy spent several days at East Carolina University ministering to 9 full time campus ministers and several student leaders, equipping them to minister to the students on their campus.  Father is using you and Cindy to set free the hearts of His sons and daughters!

One story is of a young lady who suffered from tremendous fear and anxiety.  This is incredibly common amongst young people today.  After identifying the lies the “father of lies” had convinced her to believe about her Heavenly Father and herself, then verbally renouncing those beliefs, she was was able to replace fear with the truth of the perfect love of her Heavenly Father!  It was a profound moment of healing for this young lady!

The enemy works overtime to “steal, kill and destroy” and we need to be equally vigilent to proclaim truth to the next generation!  Ungodly beliefs can be like a vise grip stealing the abundant life and high calling that Jesus has promised them.

On another note, Cindy just returned from the Chick-Fil-A retreat center outside Atlanta where she met with dozens of campus ministry leaders from across the US.  It was a valuable time of strategizing and praying for campuses across this nation.  If you spend any time on or around campuses, like we do, you realize this youth of this nation are in desperate need of a spiritual awakening.  Let’s pray that takes place!

On the home front, the kids are thriving in school and life.  Hannah is performing in her school play Alice in Wonderland this weekend, getting straight A’s, loving her babysitting jobs and is growing into a beautiful young lady!  John Jr. turned 13 recently, is one of the top students in his class, wants to be a robotics engineer and just received the character award for his grade!

Christian, the artist of the home, loves playing the trumpet in his middle school band, has become a gifted videographer with his GoPro camera and loves to draw cartoons.  Daniel is excelling in school, loves riding his mountain bike and is still begging for a pug puppy for Christmas.

Thank you so much for your prayer and partnership with our family.  We are so grateful to have you in our lives.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving your family!

For His Glory,

John & Cindy

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