Firebombs, Funerals and Faith in Malaysia

   Xin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year) from the Simpsons!  We hope 2010 will be your greatest year ever.  We believe as we have dedicated this year unto the Lord, He will do amazing things in our midst.

It has been an action packed month here in Malaysia.  In December, there was a court ruling that allowed Christian churches here to use the word “Allah”.  This simple ruling has literally started a firestorm that has seen many churches all over this nation fire bombedin protest.  Although a serious situation, Cindy and I do not feel in any danger from these random acts of violence and we know the Lord is refining His church here.

Also this month, we are saddened to share with you about a young girl at Eagle Point who died suddenly of brain cancer at the age of 28.  One day Joo Hwa was feeling perfectly well, and within one month she died of brain cancer.  This was an absolute shock to her husband and the church.  But we know that in times of trial the Lord does His greatest work.

Also, we set in Pastor Jonathon, a local Chinese/Malaysian as the senior pastor of Eagle Point on January 10.  This was a wonderful occasion.  But that very week Jonathon’s sisterGeok Hin, a leader in our church, was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to have an emergency double mastectomy. The surgery went well last week, but they are continuing tests and preparing for chemotherapy.  Thank you for keeping Geok Hin in your prayers.

And on a more joyous note, we have a wonderful praise report.  Cindy has been meeting with a new believer Vivian for the last few months.  When Vivian’s sister Sharon saw the transformation in Vivian’s life, she asked if she could meet with Cindy.  Thankfully Cindy speaks Mandarin Chinese, as this is the only language Sharon speaks.

She was very open to the gospel and gave her heart to Christ at their first meeting.  This began an almost overnight transformation in her life which is remarkable.  Sharon’s lived a very painful life and shared that she would cry herself to sleep most nights. Sharon told Cindy that she was so tormented at night and had not fallen asleep before 4 AM in many years.  Her mind was filled with negative thoughts and a heavy heart.

But at the second meeting Sharon was thrilled to tell Cindy she was sleeping like a baby by midnight each night and she had peace like she had never experienced.  Sharon’s husband noticed she had totally changed and he said he wanted to meet with Cindy and I.  Finally, Sharon shared that how she would weep every time she began to read the Scriptures, and every time she spoke the words “I forgive my mother”.  What a glorious work the Lord is doing in her life.

We can’t say it enough.  Thank you for your faithful partnership with us and sending us to this fruitful harvest field.  Your support of our ministry is reaping eternal fruit in the lives of real people.

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