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“Arise and Shine, Your Light has Come”

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As we labour on your behalf here in SE Asia, there are days that Cindy and I are overwhelmed by the task at hand. The sheer number of people and people groups in SE Asia who do not know Christ and have NEVER heard His name is staggering. Most staggering is the statistic that AMONG THE 7 MILLION MALAY (MUSLIM) PEOPLE OF PENINSULAR MALAYSIA, THERE ARE VERY FEW KNOWN followers of Isa al Masih. (Jesus the Messiah)

We pray this statistic breaks you heart like it breaks ours. Of all the incredibly diverse people groups here, we find the Malay to be the warmest, most outgoing, humble, quick with a smile, and hospitable. However, because of Malaysian law and Islamic entrenchment, those who evangelize and those Malay who choose to follow Isa al Masih face imprisonment. The minimum sentence is 6 months “re-education”.

Yet like every man and woman, God has placed on this earth, there is a longing in their heart that does not find rest until they come to know the love and grace we find in Jesus. And our hope is they would come to know that love and grace. Please pray with us that the Lord would make Himself known to these precious people.

Along with the Malay, there is a large number of Indian (Hindu) where we live. This past week was one of their highest religious festivals, Thaipusam. The center piece of Thaipusam is the pilgrimage to a Hindu Temple near our home where the “God of War” resides. They believe their sacrifices of food, milk and self-mutilation they will be protect from calamity in the coming year. It’s understood the”greater the pain, the more God earned merit they receive”.

What an amazing and saddening sight it was to see. But we are glad to be here proclaiming the sacrifice has been paid by Jesus and through Him blessing not calamity is ours to enjoy.

Our prayer is this “God be gracious to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us. That your way may be known on the earth, Your salvation among all nations. Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples…” Psalm 67:1-3

Please make that your prayer as you think of our family and our missions work. Your prayers are so critical to our effectiveness. And together, we have the chance to proclaim the Gospel to people who have NEVER HEARD.   What an amazing task to which we have been called to accomplish together.

Thanks so much for being a blessing to our family. We could not imagine life without friends like you. God bless you and your family!