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The Real World Auckland; Season 5

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Are you a fan of those reality shows like “The Apprentice”, “Extreme Home Makeover” or “Survivor”?  This genre has become hugely popular on television today, and I must say these are some of my favorite shows.  But what you see on television does not reveal all that happens behind the scenes.

To be honest, the victories and testimonies you read about each month in our newsletter do not reveal all the trials, testing and tears that come with them.  We may live in the exotic location of New Zealand and work with an eclectic group of Polynesian people, but life on the mission field can be incredibly difficult at times.

Cindy and I and the children are in our fifth year living 9,000 miles away from home, serving in the most gang infested community of New Zealand, reaching out to Polynesian people that look nothing like us, home schooling our four children, living by faith financially and facing the many challenges of leading an outreach that has grown to several hundred.  But we truly know we’re right in the middle of God’s will for our family.

We have climbed so far out on proverbial limb, there is nothing left to do but to hang on tight and call out to our heavenly Father for strength.  It is through all these trials, the Lord is depositing strength in our lives that we could have received no other way.  And we know the Lord will ultimately recycle all our trials and tests into treasure for His Glory!

Even now, we recall the former alcoholics, sexually abused young girls, former prostitute, suicidal teens, hopeless single mothers, broken families and ex-gang members who have come to know God in recent years and been transformed by Him.  And it is your prayer, your partnership, your encouragement, these lives and the limitless grace of God is what keeps us serving Him in New Zealand.

Thank you so much for your continued support.  You are so valuable to our family and this ministry.  We especially value your prayer for our family at this time.  You are certainly in our prayers! God bless you and your family!

Off to India, Korea, Samoa and the Philippines…

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Cindy and I are thrilled to let you know that our “kids” are now on their way to India, Singapore, Korea, Samoa and the Philippines.  No, not our natural children Hannah, John Jr, Christian and Daniel.  But our spiritual “sons and daughters” who have come to know Christ through our outreach here in Auckland.

Recently, we have seen a number of “home grown” Pacific Islanders from the “wrong side of town” being called to the mission field.  It has been an huge honor to be apart of their growth over the last few years.  And to now see them being called by the Lord to the nations is awesome!

First is a Samoan girl in our church, Asenati Semau. Asenati is in the planning stage of her move to Mumbai, India.  In 2007 Asenati visited our new Every Nation church plant in Mumbai and fel in love with India and the Indian people.

She will be moving in the next year to Mumbai and will be reaching out to university students.  Wow, Pacific Islanders reaching Indians!  Please pray for Asenati as we will be helping her raise a team of Ministry Partners to support her work there.

Next, we have a young couple Fa’asou and Elizabeth Manu who will be moving to Samoa in March.  They will be helping administrate and teach at our growing Every Nation Leadership Institute in Apia, Samoa.  They have developed a team of people to partner with their ministry in Samoa and are ready to move with their four children.

Another couple, Naylor and Lisa Owen, were married on January 5th, 2008, and have already moved to Seoul, Korea.  They are preparing to teach at a Christian language school and serve at the Every Nation Church in Seoul. Naylor and Lisa came from incredibly broken families, but God has done an amazing work in restoring their lives.  It thrills us, and hopefully you, to know they love God, have a “Rock” solid foundation and are now going to serve the Lord together in Seoul, Korea.

We often say what is most important in a church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.  And through your support and prayer, we have seen all these people come to Christ in the last few years and get trained for ministry through Every Nation.  And now they are off to serve the Lord in India, Samoa, Korea, Singapore and the Philippines.

Again, thank you for being such a blessing to our family and this ministry.  Cindy and I would have never met Asenati, Fa’asou, Elizabeth, Naylor and Lisa if you had not sent us to the New Zealand.

We hope you had a great holiday and pray that 2008 will be the greatest year of your life.  Please feel free to come visit us in New Zealand.  It’s summer time and the beaches are beautiful! Thanks again and God bless.

Saturday Night Live in West Auckland

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“Live from Auckland, it’s Saturday Night Live”!  What a first night of Saturday Night Live we had this month in West Auckland.  We’re not talking about the comedy classic on television, but something much more impacting.

With each of our churches in Auckland (North Shore, South Side and now West Side), they began with a Saturday night outreach that target young people in the community.  The nights begin with our worship band letting loose with some amazing praise and worship.

Then we follow up with a “no holds barred” evangelistic message.  The nights always end with an alter call which are seeing people come to Jesus each week.  Praise the Lord for the harvest!  Then each night is finished with stacks of pizza and great fellowship.

Over the last year, we have heard an almost Macedonian call to West Auckland, and we are so excited to have finally begun a new work out West.  And on our first night we had over 200 young “Westies” attend.  It is our hope to sometime next year to set in a pastoral, worship and leadership team and to take this service to a Sunday morning, then becoming our third church in Auckland.

On another note we just held our 2007 Every Nation Leadership Institute graduation.  We had dozens of students from diverse ethnic backgrounds complete our two year Certificate of Christian Ministry.  Now, mothers, businessmen, athletes, police sergeants and students are now powerfully equipped to impact their spheres of influence for the glory of God.

And finally, we’ve just completed another Ministry of Partnership Development training here in Auckland.  Over a dozen Kiwi’s are now raising there support teams and being released into full-time occupational ministry.

Some of the places and ministries these Kiwi’s are heading are Samoa (with our new Every Nation Leadership Institute), South Africa (HIV/Aids clinics), campus ministers to University of Auckland/ AUT (Every Nation Campus Ministries) and ZEAL (our ministry to high school campuses).

We hope you are excited to see all the Lord is doing here in Auckland and the South Pacific.  Because of your partnership, Cindy and I are able to fully throw our lives into this abundant harvest field.

We pray that the Lord blesses you mightily for sowing into this work.  Thank you again and God bless!

The Kiwi Kids 2007 Year in Review

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Kia Ora and Merry Christmas to you and your family! We hope you are having a great holiday.  This past year has been a great year for our ministry, but an even greater one for our family.

 When the Lord called us to New Zealand, our family came as a team and we knew we all would have to make sacrifices, even the children.  So we wanted to dedicate this newsletter to our littlest missionaries, Hannah, John Jr., Christian and Daniel.

Let’s start with Daniel, our little guy with the million dollar smile.  Daniel’s 2 ½ years old and is an action packed boy, always trying to keep up with his big brothers.

A few of his loves are watching “Little Einsteins”, putting on puppet shows with stuffed animals, long bubble baths and playing with toys other children are already playing with.  And look out for him in a GAP Kids catalog coming soon!

Then there is our animal loving musician Christian who is 3. Christian has two great loves, animals (“anniiimaaalllllsssss” as he says it) and playing the drums.  This past year we were blessed with a full drum set from the United States.  We’re thrilled he is a budding musician, but are having second thoughts on his choice of instrument.

Christian also loves reading his children’s Bible, because to him it’s all about animals and “Noah and the Ark Boat”.  He also likes to watch the Animal Channel, of which he may be appearing soon to host his own show.  Think Steve Irwin “the Crocodile Hunter”

And next is John Jr who is now 5 years old. He is such a thoughtful boy, always looking after his sister and brothers.  Just two weeks ago, out of the blue, Johnny said he wanted to invite Jesus into his heart.  So we had a wonderful moment praying and leading him to Christ.  A few days later while Johnny was playing basketball, he said “Now that I have Jesus in my heart, I can play basketball with Jesus”. Wow, the faith of a child!!

Some of Johnny’s passions include “hip hop” dancing (he is starting a class in Jan), playing golf with Dad, buggy boarding and playing games on Nick Jr. online.

And last but not least is Hannah who is 6 years old.  What an amazing, smart and beautiful little girl.  And she is such a wonderful big sister to the boys.  She’s an amazing dancer who just starred in her first recital “Cats”.  She had a minor role, but from her father’s eyes she stole the show.

Hannah loves playing the piano, sleeping over at her friends, going to the beach nearby and jumping on the trampoline.  Also, she is studying at the “Simpson Home School” and is top of her class.

We’re so grateful to you for your prayer and support of our ministry and our family.  During the holidays it is easy to miss home, but knowing we’re in your thoughts and prayers is a real encouragement.  Thank you so much for being a blessing! May 2008 be the greatest year of your life!

Bungy Jumping Off the Bridge

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Have you ever wanted to jump off a bridge?  Or should I say, have you ever wanted to jump off a bridge tied to a “bungy” cord?  You know, following God some days feels like “bungy” jumping. (Invented and made famous in New Zealand by the way).

You watch these “bungy” jumpers stand on the edge of the bridge, hundreds of feet above the flowing river, paralyzed by fear saying to themselves “Why on earth am I doing this?”  But the moment they jump, they are screaming “Whahooo!!” with exhilaration and excitement.

When Cindy and I knew the Lord called us to plant churches in New Zealand and the South Pacific, we stood on the “edge of the bridge” in North Carolina not knowing what would lie ahead if we “jumped”.  But 3 1/2 years since leaving the states, we are living an amazingly exciting missionary life and still standing.  But most importantly, we are seeing hundreds of Kiwis, Samoans, Tongans, Fijian, Maori and Aussies coming to Christ.

Last week, we held a gathering of pastors and staff at the Every Nation South Pacific Staff Summit in our offices.  It was amazing to see and hear what the Lord has done in eight short years since the initial church plant in Auckland.  Here is a list of the ENM works that are now under way in the South Pacific.


  •  Every Nation Churches: Auckland, NZ (North Shore, South Side and West Side); Wellington, NZ; Christchurch, NZ; Sydney, AU (North and South); Melbourne, AU; Perth, AU; and Albury-Wodonga, AU


  • Every Nation Leadership Institutes: Auckland, NZ; Melbourne, AU; and Samoa


  • Every Nation Campus Ministries: Approx 15 Campuses in New Zealand and Australia


The ultimate adventurer, Jesus, once said “whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.”  Go ahead and “dive into” what the Lord is calling you, no matter how scary the view may appear.  An amazing adventure lies just ahead for you.

Cindy and I want to say a huge thanks to you for your prayers and support.  Your such a vital part of everything we do as ministry. Serving on the mission field without you, is like “bungy” jumping with a bad “bungy”.  Not a very good idea!   Thanks again and God bless you and your family.

The Miracle of Isaiah Tawhaki

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What a month of miracles we have just seen here in our church in South Auckland!  From an infant paralyzed by a stroke miraculously being healed and walking; to a 2 pack a day smoker for many years set free from his addiction after being baptized; to a prayer being answered and another broken family being restored.  We are seeing the Lord do amazing things.

Most exciting is the miracle that took place in 18 month old Isaiah Tawhaki, a child who mysteriously suffered a stroke two weeks ago. Isaiah is the son of a single mother in our church, Julia Tawhaki.  The stroke left the right side of Isaiah’s body completely paralyzed and part of his brain lacking any blood flow.  The doctors gave a grim long term prognosis for Isaiah.

But Julia, and the entire church prayed for a miracle.  After ten days in the hospital with little improvement, Isaiah took a dramatic turn almost overnight.  He suddenly regained near complete motor skills in his right arm and leg.  This left the doctors astounded and our church praising God for a miracle.  Please continue to keep Isaiah and Julia in your prayers.

Another exciting story is what took place in the lives of Otto and Sally. Last month, I mentioned the baptism of the entire Yandall family.  Before Otto and Sally gave their lives to Christ, they smoked several packs of cigarettes a day for many years.  We prayed that every desire to smoke would be gone for good following their baptism.

To be honest I forgot about the prayer, until last Sunday when Otto ran up to me after service to say he and Sally had not touched a cigarette since that prayer.  A long term smoking habit is almost impossible to quit overnight, but “if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36)

Finally, we are excited to share the story of a “prodigal son” Frank who has returned home, literally and figuratively.  Frank is the ex-partner of Manu, a single mother of 2 children in our church.  After years of turmoil and months of prayer, Frank suddenly turned up at church for the first time and was powerfully touched by the Lord.  The next day he asked Manu to marry him and days later Frank surrendered his life to Christ in our family room.

What a powerful moment it was when Frank, Manu and Cindy and I got down on our knees and prayed with Frank as he repented and gave his life to Christ.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story and possible wedding photos in next month’s letter.

Hopefully you are encouraged to hear these glorious testimonies.  These lives are truly the fruit of your prayer and partnership.  You can visit New Zealand and meet them now, or you can see them in Heaven, but one day they will thank you for helping introduce them to Jesus.

The “Godfather” Gangster and the Family of Five

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As Cindy and I relocated to South Auckland about a year ago, our prayer was that entire families would come to Christ and multiple generations would be impacted.  This past month, we saw the fulfillment of that prayer when we baptized an entire family of five

This all began with our outreach to local youth called CORE.  During a Core camp three brothers John, Antonio and Joe gave their lives to Christ.  Not long after, their parents began to see the transformation that was taking place in their kid’s lives.  And they wanted to “check out” this church their children were now attending.

They began to attend our church, and during one of their first services, Otto and Sally both repented and gave their lives to Christ.  They are now being followed up and just last month, it was our pleasure to baptize the entire family: Otto, Sally, John, Antonio and Joe Yandall. Praise the Lord!

Another exciting story is in the life of my new friend James.  James was invited and “dragged along” along to a men’s retreat we held two weeks.  We had 60+ men attend Victory Weekend, two days of getting real with God and other men and “throwing off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles”.

As the weekend progressed James, who entered my small group not knowing Christ, began to share the incredible pain and hardship he faced as child.  His father abandoned James as an infant to his “Black Power” gang leading mother, who then handed him off to various mistreating gang and family members.

All this led to a life of deep hurt and rejection, which ultimately led him to find a new family in a gang called the “Godfathers”. Yes, I told him that was very un- original!  On multiple times, James found himself in the hospital clinging to life after stab wounds and gang fights.  It was truly the hand of the Lord that preserved his life.

And on that Friday, I held James’s hands covered in battle scars from gang fights, and he prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and saviour. What an awesome moment it was.  Then this Sunday past, we celebrated James baptism in a kid’s pool in our backyard before his teary eyed, gang member mother.  Stay tuned for the “rest of the story”.

Thank you so much for allowing our family to serve in this amazing land of New Zealand.  You’re a making an eternal difference in the lives of the Yandall family and James through your prayer and partnership.  We hope you are encouraged to hear all the Lord is doing here.

Cindy and I, and our kids Hannah, John Jr, Christian and Daniel say a huge thank you and God bless!

Around the World in 30 Days

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When I first gave my life to the Lord, a pastor and friend said there are two things you need as you follow the Lord.  He said “Make sure you always have a Bible and a passport.”  It has been 12 years since deciding to follow Jesus, and my Bible is wearing out and my passport is overflowing with stamps.

I’m convinced the greatest adventure in life is to follow God’s calling with all your heart and strength.  Most of the time it has been extremely challenging, but it has been is amazingly rewarding.

Just last month, I was flying over the South Pacific on my way to Samoa to teach at our newly created Every Nation Leadership Institute.  On the plane, I was suddenly overcome with emotion as I realized how far the Lord had taken me and how much He had blessed my life.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Lord would take me to the Pacific Islands to preach the Gospel and help train future missionaries.

Then days upon returning from Samoa, we embarked on our first family visit to the US in 3 years.  As our frequent flyer accounts can confirm, we almost made it around the entire earth, and that was with our four little children!

We visited my parent’s beach home in South Carolina and had a wonderful time with our extended family.  Hannah, John Jr., Christian and Daniel meet their cousins for the first time and had a blast together.  We spent hours at the beach and the pool and had our greatest quality family time in years.

For Cindy and I, this holiday was a welcome rest from the demands of ministry.  It was also a great time to rest in the Lord and seek His plan for the future of our work here.  But we’re so excited to be back home in New Zealand and with the Islanders the Lord has called us to serve.

This past trip really confirmed in our hearts that New Zealand is home and that we will be here for many years to come.  We see the amazing potential in the lives of young Kiwis, and with your help, we will see hundreds and thousands come to know Jesus and walk into His amazing purposes for their lives.

Thank you so much for partnering with our work here in New Zealand.  We would love to have you visit and see the lives that are you are helping reach. Our home is always open to you.   Until then, thank you so much and God bless you and your family.

Kiwis, Chinese, Tongan, Maori and Samoan

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What an amazing last few weeks we have seen. Many Kiwis, Chinese, Tongan, Maori and Samoan, both young and old are being touched supernaturally at our meetings and giving their lives to Christ.

This is so wonderful to see. People who were hopeless, suicidal, depressed, dope smokers and phyisically abused are being transformed before our very eyes as they repent and meet Jesus. Here are just two stories from the last two weeks.

Pesa is a 16 year old Samoan youth who recently visited our church. During praise and worship there was an incredible presence of the Lord that came. Pesa told me there was an unexplainable and physical shaking of his heart.

As we spoke with Pesa after church, we felt strongly the Lord was about to make himself known to him. As Pesa’s father was about to abandon the family and move alone to Samoa, we believed Pesa was about to meet his faithful Heavenly Father.

As Pesa and I met up for a professional rugby match the following Friday, he shared a powerful dream he had the night before. In it he came to a fork in the road. One fork of the road seemed dark and ominous and the other was filled with light.

Pesa began walking down the “path that was lit” and Jesus soon appeared to him. Pesa continued down that path with Jesus walking by his side. The next night at our “Saturday Night Live” outreach, Pesa cried like a child as he gave his life to the Lord. Then just last Sunday, we baptized Pesa in our spa pool. What a glorious work of the Lord!

Next there is Liz. Just last month, Liz sat in the back seat of a car filled with Maori youth, alcohol and the stench of marijuana in the air. In that moment, Liz spoke to God and said there must be more to life than this. Just days later, Liz met Sara, a young Christian and a fiery evangelist with a similar background from our church.

As Sara met with Liz for coffee and a bible study, the Lord touched and healed a heart that had been broken for years. This past Sunday, Liz came to the altar with tears running down her cheeks, repented and gave her life to Jesus. Praise the Lord! Then upon hearing we were baptizing others at my home that afternoon, Liz asked to be baptized that very day!! Enjoy the photos below.

Hopefully you are encouraged to hear these glorious testimonies. These lives are truly the fruit of your prayer, partnership and this ministry. You can visit New Zealand and meet them now, or you can see them in Heaven, but one day they will thank you for helping introduce them to Jesus.

Thank you so much for making all this possible. God bless you and your family!

Gang Members and the Power of the Gospel

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An ex gang member wanting to commit suicide is in tears on our couch; a former prostitute, with a heart that has been trampled by abuse, weeps in Cindy’s arms after being born again and set free; and a star NZ hip hop performer weeps on my shoulder after getting saved.

A now 20 year old, who left home alone at 13 because of physical and emotional abuse, pours her life out to us; and a 19 yr old Maori girl, and new single mother, meets with Cindy for advice on motherhood.

We could write an entire newsletter about each person mentioned above.  But we just wanted to give you a glimpse of the lives that we touch day in and day out here in New Zealand.

One lesson the Lord has profoundly reminded us this month, is that Jesus “did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.”   And today if we have a heart to serve others and give the love of Jesus away, He will literally bring the broken hearted our your doorsteps.

New Zealand is a land of amazing beauty, but also a land of unbelievable family dysfunction, particularly in the Pacific Islander community in which we are serving.   So many of the youth with which we work have a story that would bring you to tears.

And yesterday I was moved to tears like never before, when a young Samoan girl asked if she could wash my feet and the feet of our staff. As a sign of humility and obedience to the Lord, and thanks giving to us for our service, Hallelujah bathed our feet in warm soapy water and then dried them.  Never in my life have I felt so humbled and honored.

We are so grateful to you for making it possible for our family to be in New Zealand.  Because of your prayer and support, we’re able to minister to this broken and fatherless generation.  Thank you so much for all you do! We love you all.

“Brothers in Arms” and a Building for Free!

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Kia Ora from New Zealand!  It has been an action packed month of travel to the United States and back for myself.  I spent several weeks meeting with ministry partners sharing the great news of what the Lord is doing in New Zealand.

Since arriving back, we’ve had several exciting new doors open up.  I was approached by a Christian youth mentoring program called “Brothers in Arms”.  The director of this program had been referred to our church by the South Auckland Police Department.  Somehow the police were aware of the impact our church was making with the youth in South Auckland.

Upon presenting the program to our church, we had 24 young men and women sign up to become one-on-one mentors!  This is a real answer to prayer.  Since the death of Riki Mafi at the doorstep of our church, we knew the Lord was calling us to get more involved in reaching wayward youth and broken families in the community.  We will keep you updated as things progress.

Another amazing piece of news is that our Every Nation church in Wellington has been approached by the West Auckland City Council and has been offered the chance to receive 18,000 sq. ft. building in West Auckland free of charge!

The City Council saw the effectiveness of our churches outreach to inner city Wellington youth, and wants the same outreach replicated in West Auckland.  A presentation was made to the city council last week and a decision will be made in the next two weeks.  Please pray the Lord would move on the hearts of the City Council and release this building to our ministry.

Bricks and mortar being given for the Lord’s work is wonderful, but our greatest desire is seeing Kiwis come to know Jesus and find meaning and purpose to life.  It is our honour to be your hands and feet bringing the Gospel to New Zealand and the South Pacific.  We know without question, we are at the threshold of a great revival that is on the way.  Thank you so much for the crucial role you play.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God bless you and your family!

Riki Mafi: Tragedy in the Church Parking Lot

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Last month, tragedy struck in the parking lot of our South Auckland church venue.  As two rival gangs, chased each other through the parking lot of Ta Puke Otara Community Center, 17 yr Riki Mafi, innocently waiting for a bus, was caught up in the ensuing melee. He was mistaken as arrival gang member and was struck in the head with a baseball bat.

That night we began to receive phone calls from Riki’s cousins, who are members of our church asking for prayer for Riki.  Sadly, a few days later Riki was taken off life support and died of massive head injuries.

Just days before and a few hundred meters from this location, we witnessed another gang fight before our very eyes at Sir Edmund Hillary High High School.  As school was letting out, we were meeting with the facilities manager about the use of their auditorium for our church. Suddenly, a huge fight broke out between rival school kids and hundreds of kids went running past us.

These events paint a stark picture of life for young Pacific Islanders in South Auckland.  This is a place where drug abuse, alcoholism, broken families, hopelessness and suicide are common occurrences.  And for some amazing reason, this is the place and these are people the Lord has called Cindy and me to serve.

But in this dark place, we are seeing the Glory of the Lord arise.  Just the night after the murder of Riki, during praise and worship at church the presence of the Lord came in a remarkable way.  Many kids came to the altar in tears and surrendered their lives to God for the first time.

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much can come out of South Auckland.  But we know in each young person, there is a great treasure the Lord has deposited.  And through your prayer and support, you are helping to “unearth this treasure” and you are bring hope and new life to hundreds and thousands here.

Thank you so much for making all this possible. Blessings to you!

We Won! Univ. of Auckland Student President and New Zealand Idol Finalist

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Change the campus, change the world! That has always been one of the mottos of Every Nation Campus Ministries.  We believe that if the Christian Church is going to make a difference in society in the years to come, the Church needs to make an impact on the university campus today.

That’s why I am so excited to announce that a student from ENCM, Lesieli Moala, just won the election for Univ. of Auckland Student Body President.  The number one attack that she faced from her opponent was that she was a Christian, and her faith would “negatively impact” areas of campus life.  That’s the point, it’s our desire to “negatively impact” the campus.  This now makes four students from Every Nation Campus Ministries serving in student government.

It’s time for Christians, not the “Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Club” and the “The Drinking Club” to have the greatest impact on campus, and that’s our goal.  We look forward to keeping you updated as this story progresses.

In other news, we’ve seen four new Chinese students be born again in the last two weeks.  What’s most moving is they are being led to Christ by fellow Chinese students who are reasonably young Christians.  We had great pleasure seeing a Chinese student Jeremy Han, lead a fellow student Billy Wang to Christ and baptize him last week.  What an encouragement to see these young Chinese bear “fruit” to the glory of God.

Finally, Cindy and I want to thank you for your response to last months prayer requests.  We were facing numerous health issues, Visa delays, and other trying circumstances.  But within 24 hours of sending out the prayer request, we sensed a real break through spiritually in our home and situations.

Although you may be thousands of miles away, your prayer and partnership is helping the Gospel to expand greatly in New Zealand.  We sense that we are on the beginning of a great revival in this nation.

It is our honor to serve the Lord here. Thank you for sending us and helping us bring hope to the youth of New Zealand.  God bless you and your family.

Our Meeting with Sir Edmund Hillary

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What an exciting meeting we had this morning with the staff of Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate.  For over a year we’ve been praying and searching for a new meeting place for our expanding church in South Auckland.  At the top of our list was Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, right in the heart of the Pacific Islander community we’re reaching.

However, there were two problems.  The principal was not interested in allowing a church use of their facility and they were in the middle of a $15 million dollar renovation of the school and auditorium.

But amazingly, we were told today the renovations will be complete in 6 weeks and “your church seems to have a lot of favour with several of the school board members.”  Essentially they stated we would be given use of this fabulous facility in the coming weeks.

Little did they know they were renovating the auditorium for Every Nation Christian Church.  Through faith and patience, our prayers are being answered!  We will keep you updated on this as things progress.

So many other exciting things are taking place.  Our “Victory Clubs” ministry to high school kids has been seeing incredible fruit.  At a recent launch of a new “Victory Club” at Tangaroa High in South Auckland, over 300 students came to hear how they could live a life of Victory.

Also, we are about to start “Saturday Night Live” in West Auckland.  These will be powerful nights of praise, worship and testimonies and will kick off our new West Side church plant.

Cindy has begun teaching at our Every Nation Leadership Institute in Auckland.  And in July, I will begin travelling to Samoa to help teach at our ENLI there.

Let us say that all of these wonderful works you are making possible.  Each door that we walk through, you are truly with us. For without partners like you, we would be unable to reap the harvest the Lord has prepared for us in New Zealand. Thank you for allowing us to share the Gospel with hundreds of Kiwis looking for hope.

South Pacific Church Planters Summit

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What an action packed month of April just came to an end.  The highlight of the month was pastors, campus ministers and leaders from around the South Pacific converging on Auckland for our 5th annual South Pacific Summit.

It is amazing to see what the Lord has done in the five years since the first Every Nation church was planted in Auckland.  Approximately 200 delegates from around the region representing the nations of Australia, Samoa and New Zealand were in attendance.

The highlight of the Summit was hearing from two home grown missionaries who were recently sent out from Auckland.  Lorna Manu and Fila Fuamatu were sent to Samoa, along with a small team, to help establish a new Every Nation Leadership Institute.  The school’s now in its first semester, with a great group of students eager to be equipped for the Lord’s service in the Pacific Islands.

The week following the conference, Cindy and I made our move to South Auckland.  Being in this part of town will allow us to better serve and pastor the people who are a part of our thriving Southside church.  Already, we’ve seen a steady stream of people seeking help in a variety of difficult issues of life. Please pray the Lord would give us wisdom as we help pastor the people.

On an administrative note, our Every Nation Ministries – Los Angeles office will soon be relocating to Nashville, TN. This relocation will allow our Schools of Youth and Campus Ministry and corporate operations to be located in one place!  This relocation should be completed by mid- June.

When the move is complete, all gifts in the USA should be sent to Every Nation Ministries, PO Box 1787, Brentwood, TN 37024-1787. We will keep you updated with details as this date approaches.  Feel free to call or email if you have any questions regarding this move.

Cindy and I are facing challenges like never before, so we are so grateful to have people like you praying for us and standing with us.The harvest we are seeing in New Zealand and the South Pacific could not be “pulled in” without your help.  We love you and are so grateful for all you have done for us.  God bless you and your family!