Rustic Wedding Invitation


Rustic Wedding Invitation. Many couples choose an invitation decorated with flowers for their wedding. Floral invitations are a beautiful and subtle way to show your romantic side. Flowers can be incorporated into a wedding invitation in many ways, such as in a floral border or as a backdrop for the inscription on the invitation itself.

Rustic Wedding Invitation. The choice of paper for your invitations can seem daunting. Cotton, linen, parchment, are all common selections. Fortunately some invitations are only available in certain types of paper, narrowing your choices. Another thing to keep in mind is that a casual wedding often uses recycled paper or cotton paper, while a more formal wedding may use linen or parchment. Vellum paper, which is opaque, gives a romantic feel to your invitations. Deckle edged paper makes the paper look like it was hand torn.

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