At the Cross Roads in Asia

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!  Hopefully, you are preparing for a wonderful holiday season with your together.  This Thanksgiving we want you to know how grateful we are to all those who uphold our church planting work in Malaysia.  You have been a blessing to our family and we are grateful.

My apologies for the delay in this email.  We have fallen a bit behind in our communications.   But so many exciting things have taken place since our last email.

The church continues to flourish under the new local leadership, Pastor Jonathon and his wife Mee Yeok.  And last month we held a 5th anniversary celebration that saw our largest crowd ever, almost 250 attended.  What began 5 yrs ago as a Bible study at a local university, has now grown into a thriving local church.  Most exciting is that new people continue to be saved and added to the church.

Cindy continues to touch so many lives through her Beth Moore bible study “Breaking Free”.  Every Friday night our home is filled with young people eager to hear from Beth and Cindy.  I always call Cindy the Asian version of Beth Moore.  This ladies group is bearing great fruit in the girls lives and they in turn are touching the lives of their friends with the Gospel.

The Lord continues to fill our home with missionaries serving in restricted nations in SE Asia and now the Middle East.  Last month, we had the honor to host a pastor and his wife from the Middle East.  In 2008, our friend was imprisoned for apostasy and faced the death penalty.  The Lord intervened, he was set free and was able to escape the country.  Their story is nothing short of a miracle!

We are now working with them in their pursuit of asylum in the United States.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Along with their daughter who’s remained in Malaysia and will be spending the holidays with us.

Another outreach Cindy and I are using to reach the community is through a Biblical parenting course we are teaching entitled  Families of Destiny.  We’ve seen parents of many ethnic and religious backgrounds attend and have clearly shared these are Christian principles.  But they are applying what they have heard and we’re getting amazing feedback from the parents via email.  We pray they will want to know more about God and truth over time.

Finally, we’d to ask for your prayer for Cindy and I.  We are still in the process of making a decision about our future.  Both Pastor Jojo and his family (our co-workers) and our family will be leaving Penang by February 2011.  But we are still seeking the Lord’s will for our next step.

Exciting opportunities with Every Nation have opened up in the US, along with here in Asia.  The easiest next step would be to return to the US, but after seven years on the mission field and a heart that beats for Asia the decision is difficult.  the harvest in Asia is remarkable at this time.

On that note, from December 11-15 I’ll be in Manila, Philippines, the base of Every Nation’s work in Asia.  This will be an important moment in bringing clarity to Cindy and I regarding our future.  We really appreciate your prayers for this trip.

Thanks so much for your support, prayer and patience.  We face one of the biggest decisions of our families lives and we so appreciate you faithfully standing with us.   We should be able to give you a final update by Christmas.  Thanks again for being a friend of our family.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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