“There is No Place Like Home!”

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz once said “There is no place like home!”, then clicked her heels and she was back in her home in Kansas. For our family, there is no place like home (the United States).  However, for us it took 23.5 hours on the airplane to make the journey back home.

But we are so glad to share that we arrived safely home and have just finished a wonderful holiday at the beach with our extended family. It was wonderful to connect with them after not seeing them for several years.  They were amazed to see the how much the kids had grown and how little hair I had.

We are now in North Carolina and looking forward to visiting with our friends and all those who make our missions work possible. There are so many people we hope to thank personally for standing with us while on the mission field.  We are doing our best to contact everyone, but if you are free to meet please give us a call at 843-597-2517.

We continue to hear great things from Penang, Malaysia and there is a new wave of students that are visiting the church, especially students from the medical college.  It is wonderful to be back in the US, but we are already missing our adopted nation Malaysia.

We wanted to share an amazing story that took place yesterday as we visited our home church King’s Park International Church in Durham, NC.  After service a young Chinese girl approached Cindy and asked if she remembered her.  It seems “Alice” had taken an international student trip with us to Washington DC five years ago.

“Alice” was an unbeliever then, but has recently become a follower of Jesus.  Remembering Cindy and I worked with KPIC, she visited the church two weeks ago hoping to find us and share with us the good news.  Alice returned again yesterday still searching for Cindy and “her big American husband”.  Although Cindy has not been back to KPIC in 5 years, Alice and her met in a remarkable divine appointment. What a moment we will both treasure!

Never underestimate the impact you can make as you share the Gospel and Christ’s love to those the Lord brings before you.  Thank you for helping share the Gospel and Christ’s love in Malaysia. There is a great story you are helping write in the lives of so many.

We love you all. Thank you again for keeping our family in your prayers! Be blessed today!

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